The Fort


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The Fort is a stronghold constructed on a small airstrip from before the Catastrope. It consists of a perimeter wall constructed of ruined airplanes and junk, with a trade Bazaar outside the Fort’s single gate. Within the Fort perimeter there is:

  • The old terminal building, which serves as Col. M’Beke’s headquarters and barracks for the Fort’s gang
  • A manufactory, including Jess’ junkyard and workshop as well as space where Fort citizens work on making trade goods
  • An airplane hangar which serves as the church for the Water Cult led by Sister Harridan
  • A tent city for the Fort’s citizens
  • Limited gardens and goat pens

Surrounding area

The Fort may or may not be in north Texas: dry and dusty, though not quite a desert … the land is just fertile enough for folks to scratch out a living.

  • Badlands to the north
  • A road connecting to the old interstate, and other settlements, to the south
  • Farmland to the east
  • Prairie leading to mountains to the west, with spooky lights at night

Other details


Fort citizens get a water ration. The handhold is water-efficient — composting toilets, recycled water showers, gray water for garden, et cetera — but part of the terminal’s original plumbing system is still operating.


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